Non-Binary Authors You Need to Be Reading

Non-Binary Authors

Recently, I noticed that as I looked for more novels by non-binary authors, I really couldn’t find any. I wanted to create a list of non-binary authors that I know, so I sent out a tweet on twitter that asked for name, pronouns, a link to their work, and, if they wanted to, their gender ID. As of right now, there’s about 38 authors on this list, and I still want to add more. Comment if you want to be added, and I hope you all enjoy this list, and possibly find a new favorite author! (I know I’ve found a few I’m very interested in!)

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Review: Mask of Shadows (Untitled #1) – Linsey Miller

Mask of Shadows (Untitled #1)Sallot Leon is a thief, but when they steal a poster calling for auditioners for the title of Opal, part of Our Queen’s Left Hand Assassins, they decide to try for it. Being Opal would give them access into the higher court, where the people who destroyed their home reside.

Why this book?: Genderfluid assassin. Just fuck me up, please and thanks.

I would like to thank the people at Sourcebooks Fire for sending me a copy of this book via NetGalley, as well as to Shauna at b00kstorebabe for sending me a physical ARC.

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13 Diverse SF/F Novels That I Adore

13For me, one of the hardest things is to find diverse novels in my favorite genres: science fiction and fantasy.

I figured I wasn’t alone in this sentiment, so I decided to make a list of a few diverse SF/F novels that I really enjoyed. Some are queer. Some feature POC protagonists. Some may be urban fantasy or magical realism, but I still consider those SF/F. These are just personal favorites that I enjoyed, and I would really appreciate any recommendations you all have.Read More »

Review: Love is Love – Mette Bach

Love Is LoveBecause she feels unliked, Emmy sleeps with a boy who could possibly up her status at school. He was just using her, though, and because of it, Emmy is sent away from her home, to live with her extended family in Vancouver. While there, she meets her cousin’s friend Jude, who she says is transgender.

Why this book?: It was a Read Now on NetGalley. Trans rep, and an easy and quick read? Sure, why not?

I would like to thank James Lorimer & Company for allowing me to have a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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Hey, Pubs! Ever Heard of Sensitivity Readers?

Hey (1)Hey, Pubs! is a new post series that I’m hoping will call attention to flawed practices in the book publishing industry.

With an amazing rise of diverse novels being published, it’s been hard not to notice the amount of harmful ones that come along with the inclusive ones. And, there’s an easy way to get around publishing them…but publishers (and authors?) don’t really seem to care that much.

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Review: The Tiger’s Watch (Ashes of Gold #1) – Julia Ember

The Tiger's Watch (Ashes of Gold Book 1)Tashi is an inhabitor, someone who’s life is bonded to an animal that allows them to see and act through that animal’s body. When the invading Myeik army destroys the capital, Tashi and their friend Pharo flee to a monastery–that the enemy turns into a hospital.

Why this book?: Julia Ember, and a genderfluid MC. Also, it sounds badass.

I would like to thank Julia Ember and Harmony Ink Press for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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