Review: A Night at the Mall – M. Hollis

A Night at the Mall


Excited for her new date, Grace dresses up to meet her at the mall. When her date stands her up, Grace goes shopping–and gets locked in the mall when it closes.

Why this book?: I really like M. Hollis’s stories 😀

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Review: Open Mic Night at the End of the World – Jessica Meyers

Open Mic Night at the End of the World

Unbeknownst to Dell, the world’s population is decimated by a virus while she lays sick and isolated in her apartment. When she finds herself well enough to look around, she finds her city to be a ghost town. To find other survivors, Dell must leave the comfort of her safe haven, but finds company with her cat Sylvester to be more alluring.

Why this book?: I follow Jessica on Twitter and this is her debut. Plus, I love the cover.

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Trans Tropes That Have Got to Go (as Told by Trans Readers)

Trans Tropes (1)

Being a Trans Non-Binary person, you can bet that I’ve run into a multitude of trans tropes that have gotten on my nerves. I wanted to make a post about them, and why they’re harmful, but then I got a better idea. Ask other trans readers.

Below you’ll find a list of trans tropes that trans readers have gotten tired of calling out, or are just tired of reading over and over.

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Review: Ripped Pages – M. Hollis

Ripped Pages

Princess Valentina, after her mother’s death, is locked in a tower by her father, destined to stay there until she comes of age to be married off. On a chance, Valentina decides to trust a stranger rather than stay any longer in the tower, and makes her escape.

Why this book?: Sapphicathon! I was a last minute participant, and this is one of my first reads of the marathon. Plus, I love M. Hollis’s Lilliac Town series.

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Review: Reign of the Fallen (Reign of the Fallen #1) – Sarah Glenn Marsh

Reign of the Fallen

Odessa, also known as Sparrow, is a necromancer. Her ability to traverse the Deadlands earned her the title, making her the King’s prized necromancer. When some of the Dead go missing, and monstrous Shades are becoming more common, Odessa and her friends must look into who or what could be causing this.

Why this book?: Queer necromancers. Fight me.

I would like to thank Brittany @ Brittany Book Rambles for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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