Review #154 // You Bring the Distant Near – Mitali Perkins

You Bring the Distant Near

The Das family, from India, moves to New York City from London to follow the job of the father. When an accident puts a rift between the family, it affects three generations of them, with the single woman connecting them falling apart before their eyes.

Why this book?: I’d heard good things about this one, but also because LitCelebrAsian is reading it as their Feb/Mar book choice. It was also different than what I normally read, so I was excited to try a different genre.

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Review #153 // And She Was – Jessica Verdi

And She WasIn a desperate attempt to rebel against her mom, Dara sneaks a peek at her birth certificate in order to get a passport. Only her mother’s name isn’t on the certificate. Her mother explains that she’s transgender, and that she is biologically Dara’s father. Shocked, Dara sets out on a road trip with her best friend to find her dead birth mother’s family.

Why this book?: I wanted to do a critical review. TW transphobia for the entire review.

I would like to thank Emma @ Miss Print for sending me this ARC through her ARC Adoption Program.

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Hey Pubs! Listen to Your Readers

Hey (4)Hey, Pubs! is a post series here on The Book Deviant that I’m hoping will call attention to flawed practices in the book publishing industry.

Although this topic may seem obvious, apparently it’s not so for publishers.

This post is going to introduce an example, and then I want to explain why publishers need to start listening to their readers. Because really, a lot could be avoided if they did.

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Review #151 [Blog Tour] // The Mad Wolf’s Daughter – Diane Magras

During the night, Drest’s family is attacked. Told to hide by her father, Drest is left all alone after the battle. With the help of an injured knight, Drest must find her way back to her family, and rescue them before they’re executed.

Why this book?: I was told it was similar to one of my favorite childhood books, Ranger’s Apprentice! Plus it just sounded amazing.

I would like to thank the people at Penguin Young Readers for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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February Wrap-Up

Stay in and (1)

This year, I’ve decided to start doing monthly wrap-ups. You can look forward to these posts on the first of every month, with the previous month being discussed.

Deciding what I wanted to include in these posts was hard, but in each of these, you’ll find: books I’ve read this month, posts published, as well as news (be it personal or public). Enjoy!

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