Review #177 // Dare Mighty Things (Untitled Duology #1) – Heather Kaczynski

Dare Mighty Things

Cassandra Gupta has always wanted to go into space. With her father working at NASA, she’s been slowly working her way towards her dreams. And then comes the chance of a life time: an exclusive competition meant to find the best of the best of the worlds young adults for a space mission. And Cassandra is determined to win.

Why this book?: I heard there was an Ace MC, and the e-book was on sale. When I finally read it, it was because I wanted some science-y fiction.

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Review #176 // The Creeping Shadow (Lockwood & Co. #4) – Jonathan Stroud

The Creeping Shadow (Lockwood & Co., #4)
After Lucy’s sudden departure of Lockwood and Co., she’s been doing well as a freelance operative. When Lockwood shows up at her house to ask for help for a special case, Lucy doesn’t know what to say. But Penelope Fittes wants them, and them alone–and that includes Lucy.

Why this book?: I’ve been loving this series from the get go, and I couldn’t wait to dive into this one.

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9 Nostalgic Series I Need to Reread

8 (1)Certain characters and books landed a special place in my heart when I first read them years ago, even if I may not like them if I read them for the first time today. Every once and a while, whenever I see these books around, I always end up telling myself I need to reread.

But then I never end up rereading them.

So here are nine series I keep telling myself I need to reread, but never get around to.

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Review #175 // The Handsome Girl & Her Beautiful Boy – B.T. Gottfred

With everyone assuming that Zee is a lesbian, and that Art is gay, no one thought that they would become friends. Zee, pursuing a relationship with her best friend, can tell immediately that Art was starstruck with her, despite her thinking him gay.

Why this book?: I liked the way it seemed to challenge stereotypes in the summary, plus it hinted at non-binary rep for both of them.

I would like to thank BT Gottfred and the people at BYR for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Review #174 // The Dark Planet (Atherton #3) – Patrick Carman

The Dark Planet (Atherton, #3)

With Atherton’s fall completed, the remaining people have settled back into their new way of life. Despite this, Edgar misses this cliffs, and only knows one other place to climb: off the edge of Atherton. During his climbs, Dr Kincaid realized the importance of contacting the Dark Planet, and sends Edgar off the edge in order to find the old dock.

Why this book?: The last of this nostalgic series for me. This was the book I accidentally started with all those years ago. According to my memory, I read it two or three times before realizing there were other books.

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