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Trigger Warnings and Books
Criticizing and Critiquing a Book Does NOT Equal Disliking
How Formatting Can Make or Break Your Book
Do You Feel Obligated to Finish a Series?
Using Stars In Reviews: Yay or Nay?
Handling DNFs: When to Review & When to Forget
Authors Aren’t Infallible
Blog Themes That Scare Me Away
Physical Books, E-Books, and Audio Books, Oh My!
Reviewer and Author Relationships
* What Being a Mature Reader REALLY Means
* Are ARCs Really Necessary?

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Why Diversity Matters
Historical Accuracy and It’s Place in Fantasy/Fiction
How Representation Reflects on the Author
Authors Aren’t Infallible, Part 2: #OwnVoices Authors Writing Problematic Content
* On Giving (Higher) Ratings to Indie/Self-Pub/Diverse Novels
* Romanticizing and Eroticizing Mental Illnesses

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– Hey, Pubs!

Hey, Pubs! is a new post series that is meant to point out the flaws in the publishing industry, and hopefully encourage change.

Give ARCs to #OwnVoices Reviewers
Ever Heard of Sensitivity Readers?
* There’s More than LGT to the LGBTQIA+ Community

– Diverse Author Spotlight

Diverse Author Spotlight is a new post series where I spend part of the post introducing an author’s novels, and at the end the author has a free space to write whatever they want–stuff about their novels, book recs, etc!

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Author Q&A with: John Flanagan

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Books That Were Disappointingly Disappointing
Best Books of 2016
7 Recent Diverse Reads that Blew Me Away
The WORST Second/Middle Syndrome Victims
17 Harmful Books and 3 Authors That People Need to Stop Promoting
Black Lives Matter Inspired Novels
13 Diverse SF/F Books That I Adore

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One Year Anniversary: How Book Blogging Has Changed My Life
* Non-Binary Authors You Need to Be Reading

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