I am currently OPEN to all service proposals.

Just recently I have decided to start providing beta and sensitivity reading services! Below you will find details for what I am offering. Below you will find what I provide and prices.

Please note that I have the right to accept or decline proposals with or without explanation, even if you follow my instructions to the dot. Please check the red text above to find out if I am currently accepting manuscripts.

Beta Reading:

What is a Beta Reader?

Beta Reading is when a reader goes through your finished, edited, but unpublished, manuscript and critiques it based off of a reader’s viewpoint.

Why Me?

I have read a multitude of books that have glaring issues that could have been easily fixed from another person’s POV. When adult authors attempt to write teen characters, it can sometimes turn out disastrously. I also have a somewhat wide contact with other readers, and understand what people look for in certain genres.

I also have taken multiple English high school and college classes, and have corrected college entrance essays and assignments for acquaintances and family. I am a prospective Publishing major, and am familiar with the inner workings of literature.

What You’ll Get:

After a read through, you will get a 1 to 3 page document detailing what I thought of the plot, characters (as well as their development), setting (and world building), pacing, writing style and more. The doc will have my general opinions as a reader and lover of books, as well as anything I might recommend being added or taken away.

If sent as a Word Doc, comments will be included in the doc, in addition to the document I will send you.

Sensitivity Reading:

What is a Sensitivity Reader?:

“A sensitivity reader reads through a manuscript for issues of representation and for instances of bias on the page.  The goal of a sensitivity reader isn’t to edit a manuscript clarity and logic, although that may be an additional service offered. A sensitivity reader reviews a manuscript for internalized bias and negatively charged language.  A sensitivity reader is there to help make sure you do not make a mistake, but they are also NOT a guarantee against making a mistake.” – Writing in the Margins

Areas of Expertise:

  • non-binary; specifically agender and neutrois
  • asexual/ace-spec
  • demiromantic/aro-spec
  • mental illness; specifically depression and anxiety
  • biracial; white Latinx
  • emotional abuse
  • being a closeted teen in a conservative family/area

Why Me?:

I have been reading a wide variety of novels for 5+ years, and have been reviewing them for over a year.

I have been out and proud as non-binary for about 2 years now. I have known I was ace-spec for about 3, and have known about my mental illnesses for 5 years. I have also read and reviewed multiple books that tackle these subjects, and often critique the representation.

What You’ll Get:

After a read through, you will get a 1 to 4 page document detailing pros, cons, and anything else of note. I will point out page numbers/paragraphs/lines where problematic or stereotypical POVs come in, and my suggestions on what you could do to fix them.

If sent as a Word Doc, comments will be included in the doc, in addition to the document I will send you.

For Both Beta & SRs:

Genres I Prefer Reading:

While I read a large variety of novels, my preferences change with my mood, and I’ll probably only accept a proposal if I am currently interested in reading something of that genre. Here’s a list of genres that I’m usually interested in reading:

  • Fantasy (High/Low/Magical Realism/Paranormal/etc)
  • Science Fiction (Space Opera/Dystopia/Futuristic/etc)
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Contemporary*

* – Depends on topic/plot.

Other Details to Consider/Include:

Your Email: Subject line should say: Sensitivity Read or Beta Read Inquiry, depending on which one you need. Please include genre, length (word count), and a short blurb. Obviously, if it’s a SR, mention what I’m SR-ing for. Specifically.

You must include content warnings, or I will not risk it. I personally need any emotional abuse, religious influences, mental illness, and suicide warnings.

If there is any representation for marginalized people, please specify. If it’s a beta read, I might suggest SRs for certain subjects, and possibly recommend people to approach.

Formats I accept: I would prefer a word doc, but will take a .pdf or .mobi. Enable commenting if doing a word doc. I will specify what email to send the .mobi file to after we are in agreement.

Lengths: Specified with my pricing, I only currently take short stories up to 30k. However, there can be exceptions depending on if we are acquainted. After I have more experience in doing this, I will be willing to up my limits on length.

Time Restrictions: Keep in mind that I am a teen currently in school, and that I also have a job. Please specify if you have any time restrictions at all. Otherwise it could be anywhere from a week to a month (or more, depending on the time). If you are concerned/would like a time estimate, please inquire and I could supply one.


At the moment, I’m only accepting short stories up to 30k.

10k: $20
10k to 15k: $25
15k to 20k: $30
20k to 25k: $35
25k to 30k: $40

Note: For SR only, add $10 to the price your piece fits into above. (I’m basically signing myself up for possibly getting harmed from something YOU have unconsciously written. Take that into account when requesting services.)
Note 2: Prices are subject to change depending on how I feel on this and if I feel like I should charge more.

– Payment

I will accept payment through Paypal (preferred) or Amazon gift card. I request half the payment to be paid up front, and the second half to be paid after I send the notes.

– DISCLAIMER FOR SENSITIVITY READS: A marginalized person IS NOT a monolith! I highly suggest you employ MULTIPLE sensitivity readers for each minority in your manuscript. My experiences are valid, but do not define everyone’s experiences. My read-through does NOT guarantee your manuscript to be free of all problems. If we have a disagreement as such, I will direct you to this


If you are a teen writer or struggling with money, we can work prices out depending on what the projected price would be. I am also willing to accept other forms of payment, be it trades, or a form of delay pay.

After you have read this page through COMPLETELY for the service you need, feel free to email me at (And I will be able to tell if you read it or not. Don’t test me.)

this was updated as of: 12/03/17