Review: The Tiger’s Watch (Ashes of Gold #1) – Julia Ember

The Tiger's Watch (Ashes of Gold Book 1)Tashi is an inhabitor, someone who’s life is bonded to an animal that allows them to see and act through that animal’s body. When the invading Myeik army destroys the capital, Tashi and their friend Pharo flee to a monastery–that the enemy turns into a hospital.

Why this book?: Julia Ember, and a genderfluid MC. Also, it sounds badass.

I would like to thank Julia Ember and Harmony Ink Press for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Short Story Review: The Need for Overwhelming Sensation – Bogi Takács

Capricious, Issue One (Capricious, #1)Iryu and eir’s Master run a ship powered by pain magic. When a well known politician enters their ship looking for emergency transport, both Iryu and eir’s Master have no idea what the trip will bring them and their relationship.

Why this story?: Once again, my friend Corey introduced me to this one. I knew the author from twitter, but had been looking for some of eir’s stories.

Note: The Need for Overwhelming Sensation is a story within Capricious, Issue #1. This review is only for Takács’s piece.

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Review: Age of Swords (Legends of the First Empire #2) – Michael J. Sullivan

Age of Swords (The Legends of the First Empire, #2)With the death of Gryndal, the people of Dahl Rhen realize that war with the Fhrey, with gods, is inevitable. Persephone takes her clan to Dahl Tirre after an attack to help appoint a keenig, a leader for their people, but soon realizes that they need weapons. And only the Dherg can help with that.

Why this book?: It’s Michael J. Sullivan, and a sequel to an amazing book. Why not this book?

I would like to thank the people at Del Rey for allowing me to have an ARC of this book via NetGalley.

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Novella Review: A Portrait of the Desert in Personages of Power – Rose Lemberg

Image-1Rumors of a mysterious stranger are being heard across the desert, so when the stranger shows up at the gates of the Old Royal’s city, they decide to let them in, and to allow them to learn from their college, as well as themself.

Why this book?: loved Lemberg’s Geometries of Belonging, so when I was offered an early copy of this upcoming novella, I jumped on it.

I would like to thank Rose Lemberg for providing an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Novella Review: The Secret Ingredient is Love. No, Really. (Stake Sauce #1) – RoAnna Sylver

Going Through The Motions (Stake Sauce Stories, #1)

After an incident at work, Firefighters Eva, Jude, and Jasper now work at the local mall. Jude fights daily with PTSD, and the nagging belief that it was a vampire that slaughtered their team, and not a simple fire.

Why this book?: I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about RoAnna’s work, and I’ve spoken to them multiple times on twitter. If I was going to start anywhere, it was here.

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Review: The Gauntlet – Karuna Riazi

During her 12th birthday party, Farah finds a game she presumes is her birthday gift. When she starts playing it with her friends, it sucks her younger brother Ahmed into it, forcing Farah and her friends into the Gaunlet to play the challenges set up by the Architect.

Why this book?: Okay, one, hijaabi main character on the cover. Two, the author is amazing. Three, the story sounds amazing. Doesn’t it sound like Jumanji??

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Short Story Review: Geometries of Belonging – Rose Lemberg

Image result for beneath ceaseless skies #183A famous “mind-healer”, known as Parét, is asked to heal the grandchild of his lover’s enemy. When the patient refuses to be cured, Parét continues to speak to them in order to unravel the full story.

Why this story?: My friend Corey recommended it to me, along with the rest of Lemberg’s writings.

Note: Geometries of Belonging is a story within Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #183. This review is only for Lemberg’s piece.Read More »