Review: Everything Leads to You – Nina LaCour

After promising her brother she would do something epic with his apartment while he was away, Emi finds a letter meant for the daughter of a Hollywood Icon named Clyde Jones. Except, Clyde is known for having no descendants, and never marrying. Emi and her best friend Charlotte decide to find this daughter, which leads them on a hunt all over Los Angeles.

Why this book?: The January book of the month for the Keep It Diverse book club!


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Review: Every Heart a Doorway (Wayward Children #1) – Seanan McGuire

Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children takes in those children that have fallen into new worlds, and only want to go back. When Nancy show’s back up from her Underworld, a student is brutally murdered–and Nancy is suspected.

Why this book?: I had heard about the asexual representation in this book. I was also looking for a magical realism book that would catch my attention.


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Review: The Woman in Black – Susan Hill


Upon the sudden death of Alice Drablow, Arthur Kipps, her solicitor, travels to the town she lived near, Crythin Gifford. From there, he travels to Eel Marsh House, Drablow’s house, to sort through her paperwork. While there, he witnesses inexplicable happenings that stay with him for the rest of his life.

Why this book?: I really enjoyed the movie, and I was interested in how the book was.


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Novella Review: Prom Queen Perfect – Clarisse David


After Alexandra dela Cruz’s crush Adam Cordero calls her selfish, she decides to transform the school misfit into being a princess to Alex’s Queen. But when her protege threatens her hold over the school, Alex begins to show that what she would do to keep her Prom Queen Crown.

Why this book?: I won it in a giveaway through The Book Voyagers!! They highly recommended it!


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Review: The Butterfly Garden (Collector’s Trilogy #1) – Dot Hutchison

FBI agents Victor Hanoverian and Brandon Eddison discover a beautiful garden full of kidnapped girls called “Butterflies”, called this because of the beautiful wings their captor tattoos on their backs. The agents decide to bring in one of the survivors, Maya, for questioning, when it becomes obvious that the other survivors look to her for leadership.

Why this book?: I had heard about this one a few times, and was looking for something non-sci-fi. I had also gotten a Kindle Unlimited trial, and decided to try out audiobooks for the first time.

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Review: Consider – Kristy Acevedo

While out on a date with her boyfriend Dominick, a mysterious hologram and portal appear in front of the train that Alex and Dominick were riding. The entire earth’s population is given an ultimatum: enter through the vertexes around the world to the hologram’s world, or die on earth when a comet hits.

Why this book?: After witnessing Julia Ember (Author of Unicorn Tracksread this novel, I just had to get my hands on it. Also, general anxiety disorder rep? Please!!

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Review: Between the World and Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates



Coates discusses the idea of race and the problems with society in essays and letters to his son, bringing up names such as Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown.

Why this book?: I’d heard about this book from one of my many English teachers. I knew our library had just gotten a copy, so while I was in there chatting with the librarians, I decided to snatch the copy, and get educated on race.


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