Review #144 // Dead Boys – Gabriel Squailia

Dead Boys

Despite having a rough time after dying, Jacob Campbell made a name for himself as one of Dead City’s top preservationists. Determined to return to the world of the living, however, Jacob sets out on a journey to discover how the Living Man of legend made it into the Underworld unscathed.

Why this book?: I learned about Gabriel Squailia through a friend, and of his two books I had, this one called to me. It just seemed interesting, a new idea I hadn’t yet read.

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Review #142 // Open Mic Night at the End of the World – Jessica Meyers

Open Mic Night at the End of the World

Unbeknownst to Dell, the world’s population is decimated by a virus while she lays sick and isolated in her apartment. When she finds herself well enough to look around, she finds her city to be a ghost town. To find other survivors, Dell must leave the comfort of her safe haven, but finds company with her cat Sylvester to be more alluring.

Why this book?: I follow Jessica on Twitter and this is her debut. Plus, I love the cover.

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Review #138 // Daughter of the Burning City – Amanda Foody

Daughter of the Burning CitySorina is an illusion-worker, a person with the rare ability to create life-like illusions. With the power of her illusions, she can see despite being born without eyes. With her illusions, she creates herself a family, where they perform as the Freak Show of her father’s Gomorrah Festival. But when someone murders one of her illusions, everything Sorina knows is brought into question. Because how can someone who doesn’t exist be killed?

Why this book?: UHM. First, the summary. Second, I heard there was rare demiromantic representation!

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Review #137 // The Darkest Part of the Forest – Holly Black

The Darkest Part of the Forest

Ben and Hazel have grown up in Fairfold, and never thought anything different about the way their town was, not for a while at least. Fairfold is a town in which human and fae live side by side, with a Horned Boy in a glass coffin in the center of it all. Until, one day, the coffin breaks.

Why this book?: I was trying out audiobooks and decided on this one because a few friends said it was underrated. I’d heard of Holly Black before, so I was intrigued.

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Review #132 // Rebel Seoul – Axie Oh

Rebel Seoul

Jaewon, a citizen of Old Seoul, is recruited from a military school in Neo Seoul into a lucrative weapons development department that could secure his position in the Neo Seoul Military for years to come. But the situation becomes complicated when Jaewon meets the test subject, Tera, and recognizes her.

Why this book?: I joined the Lit CelebrAsian book club, and this was the first read. It’s a buddy read with Sinead @ Huntress of Diverse Books!

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