Review: The Roanoke Girls – Amy Engel

30689335After her mother’s suicide, Lane is sent to live with her grandparents and cousin out in Kansas. A dark secret pushes her from that home, leading her to seek out a life in LA. Years later, her grandfather calls her, telling her that her cousin Allegra has gone missing. Lane heads back to the small Kansas town, bent on discovering what has happened to her beloved cousin.

Why this book?: I was looking for a thriller, and this book was up on NetGalley for such a long time, I finally had to check it out.

I would like to thank the people at Crown Publishing for allowing me to have an ARC of this book via NetGalley.

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Review: Queen of Hearts (Queen of Hearts Saga #1) – Colleen Oakes



As the future Queen of Wonderland’s coronation date comes closer, bloody events suggest something is happening. Still dealing with her abusive father and protecting her ‘mad’ brother, Dinah determines that she must be the one who discovers what’s happening.

Why this book?: I’d heard about it before, and it was for sale on kindle. Figured why not?

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Review: Cat’s Cradle (Cat #1) – William W. Johnstone

28587685After an ancient god, disguised as a young girl and her cat, is awakened, brutal murders pop up around Ruger county. While trying to investigate these murders, County Sheriff Dan Garret is confronted with cover-ups and lunatics.

Why this book?: I figured it would be a cool twist of the horror genre, using ‘ancient religions’ and cats and that kind of thing. Plus, they were being republished, so even if I did get declined, I could have searched for this book in places other than NetGalley.

I would like to thank the people at Kensington Books for allowing me to have an ARC of this book via NetGalley.

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