Review #227 // The Lost Coast – Amy Rose Capetta

The Lost CoastDanny needed a new life, and the Grays needed a certain type of witch. Danny doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into when she points to Tempest, CA on the map, but when she finally gets there, she learns that her help is needed to find Imogen, the strongest witch in Tempest.

Why this book?: I’ve been loving Amy Rose Capetta’s novels recently, including Once & Future and The Brilliant Death.

I would like to thank Candlewick Press for sending me an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Mini Reviews #225 & #226

screenshot-12-e1558827555734.pngHi all! Although I normally write full reviews for everything that I read, I’ve decided to post mini reviews for two novellas that I read a while back. Because of school, I wasn’t able to write reviews for them right away like I normally do, and because they’re novellas, I don’t remember enough or have enough to say about these books for full reviews.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t like them! I actually enjoyed both of these stories to a point–I just wanted to get my thoughts out there about these stories before I completely forgot.


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Review #220 // Sadie – Courtney Summers


Sadie has always been prepared for anything. She was ready when her mother left her and her sister, and she was ready to take care of her sister when it was put on her. What she wasn’t prepared for was her sister’s murder. After Sadie disappears on a quest for revenge, a radio personality begins to investigate her story, hoping to find her before it’s too late.

Why this book?: I’ve heard a lot of really good things about this book.

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Review #219 // The Ghosts of Halloween (Learning Curves #1.5) – Ceillie Simkiss


With Halloween falling near Cora’s birthday, it has become one of her favorite holidays. With massive parties and lots of people, Elena finds Halloween one of the most anxiety-inducing holiday ever. This collection features three stories following the couple as they navigate Halloween.

Why this book?: I loved Learning Curves, the first book in this novella series. Plus, I consider Ceillie a friend, and I’ve been slacking on reading her stuff.

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Review #216 // Not Your Villain (Sidekick Squad #2) – C.B. Lee

35018774Bells Broussard, AKA Chameleon, is now the most wanted villain in the country. Despite fighting against the massive cover-up for inhumane experimentation, the Heroes League of Heroes make it nearly impossible to fight back. This makes college applications harder to fill out, and crushing on his best friend certainly doesn’t help.

Why this book?: I loved the first book, Not Your Sidekick.

I would like to thank Interlude Press for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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