Review #170 // A Little Life – Hanya Yanagihara

A Little Life

Three college roommates are brought together through the life of the fourth, Jude St. Francis. Jude has lived a difficult life, but had finally made it to New York  and was ready to build a new life different then his first.

Why this book?: I had to read this one for a community college course, Gay and Lesbian Literature. It was related to my final essay, and so I really had to delve deep into this one.

Needless to say, my feelings on this book are fairly well thought out.

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Review #169 // 1984 – George Orwell

1984Winston Smith is one of the few that remembers life before the Party. After years of submitting to their every whim, Winston finally does one of the worst things imaginable: thought crime.

Why this book?: I’ve been interested in it for a while, but it was also a required reading for my AP lit class.

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Review #159 // The Atrocities – Jeremy C. Shipp

The AtrocitiesDanna, a governess with a dark past, is hired to travel out to Stockton House, to educate the daughter of the owners. However, Danna was not told that the daughter is actually . . . dead. And that there might be more to Stockton House than she was expecting.

Why this book?: To be honest, the cover is was caught my attention.

I would like to thank the people at for allowing me to have a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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